The value of the project and co-financing is: 3 521 346,00 EUR (16 010 503,86 PLN).

Norway grants

W From 2 to 3 June, we had the pleasure to host representatives of the Norwegian local government MIDT-TELEMARK in our municipality. The visit was related to the preparation of both municipalities to establish bilateral cooperation as part of the project implemented by the Municipality and the City of Nisko entitled "Nisko higher and higher – increasing the economic potential of the city and the competitiveness of life in the city", co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the years 2014 - 2021 (85%) and the state budget (15%).

The cooperation began with a meeting of representatives of both municipalities in Warsaw during a conference organized by the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy for all cities participating in the project. The meeting was attended by representatives of Polish, Norwegian and Icelandic cities.

Norway grants

On the 27th of April 2022, the on-line meeting took place with representatives of the partner city MIDT-TELEMARK.As part of the meeting, the subject and scope of bilateral cooperation was discussed.Consisting of the exchange of experience, knowledge and good practices associated with increasing the level of school education. In order to adapt it to market needs and technological challenges.

Norway grants

In Nisko, the implementation of a timeless project covering a wide range of activities in the socio-economic development of the municipality began. The project was co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the State Budget, and its value amounts to over 16 million PLN.

Norway grantsOn January 25, 2022, in the Municipality Office and the City of Nisko, workshops on the principles of implementation of the project entitled "NISKO HIGHER  AND HIGHER – INCREASING THE ECONOMIC POTENTIAL OF THE CITY AND THE COMPETITIVENESS OF LIFE IN THE CITY" took place, financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The representatives of the Project Partner – Nisko County and Directors of Primary Schools, Regional Center of Vocational Education and the local High School were attended the first workshop.

The workshop was related to the implementation of the Local Development Plan and in the field of Institutional Development.