The value of the project and co-financing is: 19 612 292,71 PLN.

Szkolenia z zakresu informatykiDear Residents of the Nisko Commune, We would like to share with you some interesting news about our primary schools. Teachers from six educational institutions participated in recent training in computer science at a renowned university, Rzeszów University of Technology. During these intensive courses, they gained new skills in areas such as Corel DRAW, HTML and CSS, Python, and Ruby on Rails. The result of these trainings are extremely valuable extracurricular activities, which we now offer to our children from Nizhany primary schools. We would like to emphasize that these classes not only develop our students' skills in the area of modern technologies, but also support them in expressing themselves creatively and developing analytical and logical thinking skills. As part of these extracurricular activities, our students learn graphic design, web development, as well as the basics of programming. We believe that these skills will not only be useful to them in the future, but will also awaken their passions and interests. In addition, we are happy to announce that we have prepared a photo report from additional activities for you. We are proud to showcase the commitment of our students and the enthusiasm with which they participate in these valuable activities. We would also like to point out that these valuable trainings were financed thanks to the support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism under the Local Development Programme. This is the second stage of our educational initiative, which we have initiated, and the first important step was to equip our schools with modern computer hardware, software and furniture, which together cost over PLN 1 000 000.00. Together, we care about the development of our community and provide our children with the best conditions for learning and development..

Wprowadzamy innowacje edukacyjne

We would like to share with you the revolutionary changes in our local primary schools and one kindergarten! Thanks to the support from the Norway Grants as part of the project "Nisko and higher – increasing the economic potential of the city and the competitiveness of life in the city", we have just purchased modern educational blocks. These innovative educational tools will revolutionize the learning process in seven of our institutions!
A New Era of Education for Our Students and Preschoolers! Adapted to different age groups – from preschoolers to students in grades 1-3 – these innovative blocks will open the door to the fascinating world of programming, robotics and science. Not only is it interactive fun, but it also develops key skills in a creative and educational way.
Support for Our Teachers and Preschool Educators! We don't forget about our teachers and preschool educators! We have prepared specialized training for them, thanks to which they will effectively use the potential of new educational tools. This is a step towards more interactive and modern teaching methods for us!

Spotkanie Biznesowe

On the first of March, the third Business Meeting took place in the municipality of Nisko, which brought together the Expert Council for Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurs, the Youth Council, representatives of school self-governments, representatives of the Senior Council and the Accessibility Council. This event was not only an opportunity to exchange experiences and establish new contacts, but also to establish new cooperation and partner relations. The meeting was attended by important guests, including the Mayor of the Municipality and Town of Nisko, Waldemar Ślusarczyk, and the Deputy Marshal of the Voivodeship, Mrs. Ewa Draus. We are glad that such important representatives supported this event, emphasizing its importance for the development of the local community.
Presentations during the meeting were conducted by the Polish Foundation for the Support of Economic Development Centers OIC Poland "UnicornHub" Ms. Ewelina Wiechnik. The Regional Chamber of Commerce from Rzeszów, Ms. Monika Szubertowicz, and our local companies also presented themselves. Various funding opportunities for local companies, including start-ups, were presented, which certainly aroused the interest of the participants. Ms. Ewa Korczyńska-Madej, as a representative of TSEZ Euro-Park Wisłosan, also had the opportunity to present initiatives and projects implemented by their center during today's business meeting. Her participation in the event introduced an additional dimension to the discussion and inspiration for local entrepreneurs and institutions supporting economic development. The meeting was also attended by the President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Stalowa Wola, Mr. Marcin Górski, which further emphasized the importance of the event for the local business community.

Konferencja LHSWe invite you to participate in the LHS Conference Dear Entrepreneurs and Companies, It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the Conference devoted to a key topic for our city – the creation of the LHS logistics terminal and the planned connection with the LHS railway line No. 65, covering the route from the bridge over the Bug River to South Sławków. The organizer of the event is the Mayor of the Municipality and City of Nisko. The development of logistics infrastructure is not only an economic issue, but also a strategic one, affecting local and national development. Therefore, we would like to invite you to participate in this important conference, where we plan to present the substantive aspects of the creation of the LHS terminal and the integration with the LHS railway line No. 65.
Date: March 26 at 11:00 a.m. Place: Niżańskie Centrum Kultury "Sokół", 9 Kościuszki Street, 37-400 Nisko. During the conference, we will discuss the plans for the development of the terminal, the analysis of benefits for the local community, the prospects related to access to modern logistics infrastructure, and a summary of the marketing study on the construction of the LHS terminal will be presented. We will also present in detail the concept of connection with the railway line, emphasizing the strategic importance of this project for our city. The agenda of the Conference includes presentations of key people and a discussion panel with experts in the field of logistics and transport. It is a great opportunity to ask questions, express opinions and participate in a discussion on the development of the region. We cordially encourage Entrepreneurs and Companies interested in participating in this important debate, the aim of which is to identify optimal solutions for the development of the region. We look forward to your presence and active participation in this inspiring.

Konferencja w BergenAs part of the project financed by the Norway Grants, representatives of the Municipality and the City of Nisko participated in a conference devoted to the dissemination of the results of the Local Development Programme, which took place on 10-12 March in Bergen, Norway. At the invitation of the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) in Norway and thanks to the Association of Polish Cities, the representatives of our municipality had the opportunity to learn about the activities of Norwegian local governments and their experiences in the field of communication, promotion and modern technologies supporting public services for residents.


We are pleased to announce that the workshops carried out as part of the "LOW AND HIGHER" project were held successfully! We would like to thank everyone for their commitment and active participation in the creation of the multimedia application "Low Timeless Value". The animation meeting took place on December 1, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. at the Nizhany Center for History and Tradition.


On October 18-22, 2023, the third study visit for representatives of Midt-Telemark in Niska was organized. The visit, like the previous visit to Midt-Telemark, was devoted to the subject of building an interesting leisure offer tailored to the needs of the residents. The visit was combined with the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the granting of city rights to Niska.