The value of the project and co-financing is: 3 521 346,00 EUR (16 010 503,86 PLN).

After signing the contract on December 15, 2021 with the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, we started the implementation of the project entitled "Nisko higher and higher – increasing the economic potential of the city and the competitiveness of life in the city", financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism EEA and the State Budget under the "Local Development" Program. The "Local Development" Program aims at activities that will contribute to the development of the city in all its areas.

Prozumienie Gmina-Powiat

Prozumienie Gmina-Powiat



These are the 4 main goals of our program.


As part of the project prepared by us, an Expert Council and an Investor Service Center will be established, in which experienced entrepreneurs will mentor young companies, supporting them at every stage of development. There will also be an Educational Centre, which, apart from the tourist function of the city, will be an innovative space connecting IT specialists, graphic designers and young people who takes their first steps in business. The Centre will become the main centre for supporting local entrepreneurship. An important element of economic development is education of children and youth. We want to significantly distinguish ourselves from other cities with a high level of learning foreign languages, computer science and entrepreneurship. In this action, we will be supported by the Niżański County, with whom we will jointly develop a modern and effective teaching system.


The second goal is to raise the standard of living of all residents. The elderly and disabled people were especially taken into account in the project. A new place for integration and activation of residents will be created, as part of which we will create, among others, a senior university. The heart of the city, the city square, will become the main center of economic and cultural activity. We will also support cultural heritage, handicrafts, sailing and young musical talents to promote the city beyond its area as effectively as possible.


An important issue for every resident is the improvement and protection of the environment, as well as the quality of the air, which largely affects our health. In order to monitor and react quickly to any negative changes, we plan to install air quality sensors.


This is an important element of our project, which aims to increase the quality of the local government functioning and services provided to residents through the use of modern technologies. We plan to prepare the city in institutional terms for the implementation of projects under the Public Private Partnership. An important aspect in achieving the goal will be the establishment of bilateral cooperation and exchange of experience with one of the cities from the donor countries.

On December 7, 2021, an agreement with the Nizański County regarding the implementation of the "Local Development" program at the Municipality Office and the City of Nisko was signed. Together with the Norwegian EEA Financial Mechanism, the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy and the local government partner - Midt Telemark from Norway, with whom we have established cooperation, we plan to implement and launch a modern education system for young residents of the municipality. The system will be characterized by a high level of teaching practical qualifications such as: foreign language learning, computer science and entrepreneurship. Moreover, educational workshops for students and teachers will be conducted in the municipality. An important element of the program will also be joint study visits to local entrepreneurs and domestic companies providing IT services. The motto of the program is 'Working together for a competitive, inclusive Europe'.


Prozumienie Gmina-Powiat

Prozumienie Gmina-Powiat