The value of the project and co-financing is: 3 521 346,00 EUR (16 010 503,86 PLN).

Norway grants

The City Council of Nisko implemented two projects titled: "Integration through handicraft" and "Culinary heritage", which were co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the state budget. As part of these projects, the Municipality purchased and handed over equipment for conducting handicraft and culinary workshops to the Project Partners, which were Rural Housewives' Club and local associations. Received equipment in the form of: heaters, pans, pots, flask, sewing machines, jigsaws, overlocks and others.  It will be used to create a new offer of leisure time by organizing handicraft and culinary activities for residents. The aim is also to promote traditional and local products from the municipality and the city of Nisko, both in the field of handicrafts and culinary products. The implementation of the projects is also to be a form of preservation of handicraft and culinary products for future generations of the community, maintaining the intergenerational action. The goal is addressed to the inhabitants of the entire commune and city of Nisko.

The equipment was handed over to :

  • The Rural Housewives Club in Racławice;
  • The Rural Housewives Club in Wolina;
  • The Rural Housewives Club "Koniczynki" in Kończyce;
  • The Rural Housewives Club "Nowosielczanki" in Nowosielec;
  • Society of Friends of the Zarzecka Land.


Value of equipment donated: PLN 98,176.14, including PLN 35,989.80 as part of the "Integration through handicraft" project and PLN 62,186.34 of the "Culinary Heritage" .

The Partner's tasks include organizing and implementing:

- a minimum of 4 workshops/handicraft classes for residents during the calendar year;

- a minimum of 4 workshops/culinary classes for residents during the calendar year. 

Handicraft or culinary classes may also take place through participation in the organization of an exhibition stand or participation in competitions promoting a handicraft or culinary product in the municipality and the city of Nisko or outside its region.



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