The value of the project and co-financing is: 19 612 292,71 PLN.

Norway grants

The Municipality and the City of Nisko launched 10 air monitoring stations throughout the municipality. As part of the system, you will be able to check the emission of PM1, PM2.5, PM10, gas emissions: nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, but also check the current temperature, humidity, pressure and wind strength. All data will be presented in an interesting way on the application, which each resident will be able to download to their own phone.

The action was implemented as part of the project "NISKO HIGHER AND HIGHER– INCREASING THE ECONOMIC POTENTIAL OF THE CITY AND THE COMPETITIVENESS OF LIFE IN THE CITY", co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

We encourage you to download the application and constantly monitor the air quality in our municipality:

The map in the browser version, if you click on a given point in our municipality you will see measurements from a given monitoring point:

Android app:

Apple app:

Location of the air monitoring stations:

 1.Public Primary School No. 6, Nisko, 114 Sandomierska Street

2.School and Preschool Complex No. 2 in Nisku, 12A Tysiąclecia Street

3. Public Primary School No. 1 in Nisku, 10 Słowackiego Street

4. Building of the former gymnasium, Nisko, 31 Szopena Street

 5.Public Primary School No. 3 in Nisku, 15 Piaskowa Street

6. School and Kindergarten Complex No. 1 in Nisku, 8 Dabrowskiego Street

7.  School and Kindergarten Complex in Nowosielec 134

8. School and Kindergarten Complex in Zarzecze, 45 Mickiewicza Street

9. Non-public Przedszkole Słoneczko in Racławice, 81 Rudnicka Street

10. Community Centre in Wolina, 22a Sienkiewicza Street

In addition, 10 LED boards have been installed in the above-mentioned facilities, on which the results of measurements from a given point are displayed. Furthermore, one Multicolor LED board was installed on the UGIM Nisko building, on which the results of measurements from all sensors installed in the Municipality and the City of Nisko are alternately displayed.  The results of real-time measurements are also presented on the website of the Municipality and City of Nisko (below). The installed application (mentioned above) also allows you to download widgets to smartphones. Every interested resident can get acquainted with the current state of air in several ways: on the information board at a given point, on the board on the UGIM Nisko building but also on the website of UGIM Nisko or on the mobile application downloaded without the need of leaving your home.