The value of the project and co-financing is: 19 612 292,71 PLN.

Norway grants

The conference took place on February 11.

In Nisko, the implementation of a timeless project covering a wide range of activities in the socio-economic development of the municipality began. The project was co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the State Budget, and its value amounts to over 16 million PLN.

In connection with the above, on Friday, February 11, a press conference was organized at the Municipal Office and the City of Nisko, during which the Mayor Waldemar Ślusarczyk shared the assumptions of the project, its scope and its goals with the invited guests.

Two years of work put into the preparation of the Complete Project Proposal of the "Local Development" Program by the municipal project team resulted in a great success. Its measure is the fact that out of 255 Polish cities, Nisko took a very high, 9th place countrywide in the final round. This is a tremendous achievement considering the fact that few small municipalities have managed to receive funding. Larger cities constituted the overwhelming group of beneficiaries.

On December 15, 2021, the Mayor of the Municipal Office and the City of Nisko participated in the signing of the contract with Małgorzata Jarosińska-Jedynak, Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, for the implementation of the project entitled "Nisko higher and higher– increasing the economic of the city and the competitiveness of city life", fully co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (EEA) and the State Budget under the "Local Development" Programme. It was a breakthrough , because from that moment the proper implementation of all of the project actions in the project began, grouped into 4 main areas, i.e. "Entrepreneurial Nisko", "Nisko – Smart City", "Nisko – I live here, I rest here" and "Green Nisko".

The main objective of the project is the implementation of activities that will contribute to the development of Nisko in many key sectors. We focus on the growth of local entrepreneurship, the development of the local education system towards modern technologies and competences, as well as the improvement of the quality of life and the local natural environment. The project in a comprehensive and complementary way is based on the implementation of projects mainly focused on the strategic development of the municipality, which are also a chance for economic and social progress in the future – said Waldemar Ślusarczyk during the conference.

In addition to the invited Representatives of local media and the Mayor of the Municipality Office and the City of Nisko Waldemar Ślusarczyk, the conference was also attended by Robert Bednarz – Governor of the Niżański County, Zbigniew Kotuła - Deputy Mayor of the Municipality Office and the City of Nisko, Marcin Folta -Chairman of the City Council in Nisko, Maria Nabrzeska - Treasurer of the Municipality Office and the City of Nisko, Stanisława Szymonik - Head of the Economic Development Department, Krzysztof Haliniak - Deputy Manager for Obtaining Aid Funds, and Advisors of the Association of Polish Cities: Krzysztof Markiel, Marek Gabzdyl and Kamil Niklewicz.


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photo by A. Starzomski